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G.P.O. BOX NO.9717,


President MR ABBAS HUSAIN, 852-94060745 Secretary. MR RAZA JAFREE 852-97028786 MR FAISAL MAHMOOD Treasurer 852-97165242

The Hong Kong Shia Asna-I-Ashri Association Ltd was formed on 31st day of July 1985 to cater to the Shia community residing and visiting Hong Kong and the surrounding areas.

It is headed by 3 Permanent Directors and  2 Rotating Directors. Management of the Association is done by a Committee of 5 members consisting of President, Secretary, Treasurer, & 2 Committee members, elected annually ( now every two years). Various sub committees are formed as & when required as decided by the Managing Committee.

The Association has a web site: http://www.hk-shia.com. and Members of the Association are kept abreast of activities by an email sent out at the beginning of each Islamic month, listing out the date, function and timings.  An SMS is also sent out to members one day before the function. All functions starts with the Salaat and Nyaz is served there after. 

The new Resident Aalim has arrived Alhamdulillah can be contacted at 00852 – 9764 9605