Safar 1444 A.H


The Monday, 29th of August, 2022 is the first of Safar, 1444 AH. The following are the details of the events during the month.

Please refer to the WhatsApp messages here in the HKSAAA group for the latest arrangements regarding the events below:

Sheb Majalis will start at 7:30 pm while that on the Day of Arbaeen (Saturday, 17/9/2022) will start immediately after Namaz-e-Zuhrain at 12:30 pm.

Tuesday, 6th of September (Sheb of 10th of Safar) Majlis – Shahadet Bibi Sakina SA

Tuesday, 13th of September (Sheb of 17th of Safar) Majlis – Shahadet Imam Raza AS

Wednesday, 14th of September (Sheb of 18th of Safar)

Thursday, 15th of September (Sheb of 19th of Safar)

Friday, 16th of September (Sheb of 20th of Safar) Majalis-e-Arbaeen

Saturday, 17th of September (Day of 20th of Safar) Majlis – Arbaeen

Saturday, 24th of September (Sheb of 28th of Safar)  Majlis – Shahadet Holy Prophet SAWW & Imam Hassan AS